Bryan Blackwell Partner/Trainer 

at the age of 6, Bryan was diagnosed with epilepsy. By the time Bryan was 8, his epilepsy had developed to a point where he was in an induced coma. His doctors feared that removing the left portion of his brain would be the only way to save his life. After spending a year and a half in a hospital, Bryan had a miraculous recovery. After spending years of not being able to play sports as a child Bryan developed a great passion for sports and fitness.


In high school, Bryan was a varsity letter winner in 3 games and even earned All-League Honors in football. After high school Bryan found himself working five jobs; extremely overweight and out of shape. After deciding the need to change, Bryan lost 70 pounds, Bryan was inspired to pursue a career in fitness and help others change their life just as he did his own.

"My Goal is to inspire people to feel better and live happier lives without changing who they are or what they do"