Chris Appiah Trainer

Chri's love of fitness & being active started at a young age. Growing up, he was a three season athlete: football, basketball and track. He was always on the move and felt good doing it, which motivated him to keep it up as an adult. Naturally, this led to a career in the fitness industry. He started off managing the openings of several new fitness centers including Robert Wood Johnson Fitness and Wellness, Hackensack UMC Fitness and Wellness powered by the NY
Giants, and 24HR Fitness in Wayne. He became familiar with all the behind-the scenes work needed to help gyms run smoothly and most of all help members reach their goals. With this corporate experience under my belt, He transitioned into the boutique fitness field and began managing the Peloton studio in Chelsea, NY.


Chris loved the way this branch of fitness was so specialized and catered to the needs of its members. From there, he went on to become the sales manager of three CycleBar spin studios in North Jersey which is a position he still currently holds. During hid time at CycleBar, he has seen the amazing impact that personalized fitness can have on people.He decided he wanted to be more hands-on in helping people become a better version of themselves so when Chris found Kaeos, he realized that personal training was a perfect fit for him. He always reminds his clients to take fitness one day at a time-


as long as you put effort in everyday, you will be the change you want to see!