Fitness is my lifestyle, I've been actively pursuing and pushing myself for the past 15 years. My journey started as a young man who knew that his happy place was the weight room. Early on I realized I was different, I enjoyed exercising and found myself taking a deeper interest in fitness.


I wanted to know what to do and how to do it, I was spending nearly as much time watching and reading about fitness as I was actually training! What started as a self-fulfilling hobby turned into the opportunity to further my education at an HBCU, a degree in business, and eventually a merely coincidental career in training. 

My training career advanced unbeknownst to me simply by being an inadvertent resource to my peers and others alike. And as I adopted a greater passion for training myself, I sought to learn as much as I physically, mentally,  emotionally could absorb about training. The gym means more to me than just lifting weights and cardio, it’s the place I met my wife and the place I grow daily. I hope that anyone reads this gets a glimpse into how fitness has shaped my life and allows me to be part of their journey