It all started with two basic, but important, ideas:
One: Build a gym where results are a daily occurrence.  
Two:  Create a gym where the clients actually want to come in – truly look forward to their next work out.
Founders Ali Ghavami and Gene DosSantos saw an opportunity to bring both of these ideas to life – they conceived Kaeos Fitness and opened the doors in 2006.
Rather than blindly, predictably … and boringly … adhering to one strict method of training, the Kaeos philosophy takes an adaptive and evolutionary approach to working with clients.  
By borrowing from the disciplines of powerlifting, bodybuilding, Olympic weightlifting, athletic conditioning, gymnastics, and several other proven methodologies, our clients are ensured a more complete fitness program that is specifically tailored and custom fit to their unique needs – think of it as ‘designer’ work outs!